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BVIII: The Froton/LaPointe Peninsula

Updated 09/30/00

This was the very first area of the BVrr I started adding scenery to.  While it's far from finished, I decided to press ahead with other areas of the railroad.

Trackplan The Froton/LaPointe Peninsula is actually just a hill over the curve in the track.  I wanted a view-blocking hill here to frame both Froton and LaPointe, and draw the viewer's eye away from the fact that the world ends at that point.  I began with this area because it's the most expendable on the layout, so it would give me a good chance to brush up on scenicking techniques and materials, as well as experiment with fascia boards.  If any of my experiments failed, no big loss.
Peninsula Here's a shot showing the whole peninsula.  I used 1/8" Masonite for profile/fascia board.  Washed-out in this photo is the backdrop, which is indicated by the red "teardrop" in the trackplan above.  The Masonite for the backdrop makes a 180-degree turn around a 12" diameter cardboard tube (a concrete footing former).  I was able to make the bend without wetting the Masonite by tightening the curve very gradually over the course of 4 or 5 hours.  (September 2000)
The valley A closer shot of the valley on the hill.  Those are plaster rock castings in the lower right, along with Woodland Scenics pine and deciduous trees.  Barely visible in the center of the valley is tall prairie grass, made from "fake fur," a fabric with a fur-like texture.  The scenery is Hydrocal plaster over crumpled newspapers, with a layer of Sculptamold over that. The entrance door to the room is visible just above the hill on the right.  (September 2000)
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